Petty Booka "We Love You! America Tour "
Photo Report by Audrey kimura
2002/March 13th - March 24th

March 13th - March 18th
Petty Booka from Tokyo in Austin Texas!!
SXSW was so much fun!
Petty Booka started the reharsing with their bands for SXSW.
*Steel Guitar: Korey simeone from The Asylum Street spankers in Austin

*Bass: Ed Ivy from San Fransisco
*Guitar: Takashi  Nishiumi from Tequila Circuit in Tokyo.


1.Petty Booka met an angel on the 6th street.

2. We went to see the band called Shorty Long where Korey plays a Feddle at the GINGERMAN. Shorty Long is a a six-piece string band with roots in the novelty/jazz styles of the 20's, 30's and 40's in Austin. We love them!!! the Club :The GINGERMAN

4 . March 14th. Petty Booka plays 7 songs LIVE on KUT radio station hosted by John Aielli.

5.March 15th SXSW Daytime show at the Trade Center.

6. at the SXSW Trade Center.

7.Mini Street gig! 16th 4:00 pm CHEAPO DISK Instore show.

9.So many people (from 6 year old girl to 75 years old man) came to see Petty Booka because of the KUT radio show!


10.Sold out Petty Booka T-shirts there!

11 Night 2 on March 16th at Elysium Amazine!


13.It seems everybody here loves Petty Booka music!

14.Sold out CDs. Nothing left for NY and Hawaii...... But ARIGATO!



17.18.This is another Highlights of this trip! There was a party of the book "SHAKE, RATTLE & ROLL" by Laura Levin (illustrations) and Holly George Warren at the Dog Yards Gallary.

18.Petty Booka met Wanda Jackson!! Sure, we gave her "Fujiyama Mama" CD!

March 17th - 20th Petty Booka in NEW YORK!
19. We stayed our friends Keith's place in Williamsburg in Blooklyn. What a interesting place there! It was another world.


20. Our favorite neighbor, Newsmans Bakery.

21. March 18th with Peter Bochan of the radio show, All Mixed Up on WBAI

22. on the way to the WBAI in wall street. It was very cold raining and snowing in New York.

23. Petty Booka and me in from of the Fordam

24.25 March 19th WE went to Fordam University in Bronx, New York for Rita Houston's The Whole Wild World on WFUV.


25. Rita was nice and warm and Fordam was a beautiful university.

26. We went to hiking to Bears Mountain!

29.March 19th Petty Booka sang "Petty Booka Loo" with Gaijin A Go-Go! at DON HILLS. It was go go night!

30. Petty Booka reading New York Times.
March 21st to 23rd. Petty Booka in Honolulu, Hawaii.
31.Petty Booka apppeared a Jazz Festival as a Jazz vocalistfrom Tokyo.


32.33. 34. Palm trees are everywhere!



35.I like the palm trees and the buildings


36. 37 at Aloha tower marketplace


38. with Teresa Bright

39. at the local Hawaiian food restaurant.

40.41 with Petty Booka producer Hiroshi Asada and Piano player and Engineer, Kit Ebersbach. 


41. We recorde the album "Blue Lagoon" at his studio in Honolulu.

42. A small show with Kit's piano at La Mariana our favorite place in Honolulu.

43. Hope you enjoy Petty Booka US tour photo report. See you again!