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"TSU SHI MA MI RE" is actually gibberish - the members of the band created it by combining the words they liked. Funny thing is that it ended up sounding very Japanese-ish, with a touch of nostalgic and scary feel to it. Categorizing their music style may be difficult - it's a complex and original blend of creativity, cuteness, weirdness, funny and scary. Their world shows the influences they received from Japanese traditional folk songs and mythologies and takes the audience on a trip through the weird-yet entertaining world of TsuShiMaMiRe.
All the songs display their savvy skill with the instruments. Each track is full of great guitar riffs, heavy & powerful bass and skillful drum play.
In the song "CAMABOCO" (means fish dumplings in Japanese), each member takes up a role within a Oden (a traditional hot plate in Japan) and sings about the relationships between each ingredient. Bizarre yet interesting.
TsuShiMaMiRe's debut album "Pregnant Fantasy" was released in August 2004 in Japan and on November 1st 2005 in USA from BENTEN TOKYO.
no-miso shortcake

Tsu Shi Ma Mi Re New album
no-miso shortcake
7 songs + 1 MPEG promotion video!!!
(JKCA-1037) (2007/07/07)
*US $23 (with shipping cost)
1. Aircon No Rimocon
2. Baka moto curry
3. No miso Shortcake
4. Yoi Tempo death
5. Cutie Beauty Cupid
6. Song for Mammy
7. Punk - san Kedama Boogie
8. MPEG Movie Aircon No Remocon

US $23.00
Including shipping cost and 5% PayPal handling Charge

* New Package *
Black Plastic Case
TsuShiMaMiRe 2006 DVD (15 songs / 64 min.)
Now on sale / BNTN-066
~Live~ DVD *US $23 (with shipping cost)
Live at Club Que Shimokitazawa in Tokyo
- July 5th 2006 -
1. World Peace & "BOU"
3. Sakuran Boy
4. Air Control & Remote Control
6. Manhole
7. Na- mellow
8. Ebihara Shinji
9. My Brain is Short cake
10. Tea Time Ska

US tour from 2005~ 2006
1.Ebihara Shinji (05/05/06 @Anime Central 2006 in Chicago)
2. My Mommy (05/05/06 @Anime Central 2006 in Chicago)
3. CHANDAN DANCING (05/05/06 @Anime Central 2006 in Chicago)
(11/03/05 @ The Independant / Suicide Girl Burlesque tour)
4. Lingerie Shop (03/24/05 @ Super 7 in SF)
5. Umeboshi Plums - Big Seeds (-JAPAN NITE US TOUR 2006- 03/29/06 @Knitting Factory LA)

US $23.00
Including shipping cost and 5% PayPal handling Charge
-US TOUR 2006 NOV- Tee*US $15.00 (+Shipping cost $5.00)
BODY: Black
PRINT: Silver
SIZE: Adult M, L, XL

1. Umeboshi Plums - Big Seeds MP3
2. Lingerie Shop MP3
3. Ebihara Shinji MP3
4. Manhole
5. Tea time Ska
6. Kedama Boogie
7. CAMABOCO - Fish Cakes -
8. Pregnant Fantasy

1st Album Pregnant Fantasy

2004.8.25 on sale / BNTN-063
US $17.90-$22.00(including the shipping cost)

US $17.9
Including shipping cost and 5% PayPal handling Charge

iTunes Music Store
$7.92- iTunes Music Store

Japanese GIRLIE Rock Trio!
"TSU SHI MA MI RE" is an original word created by the band members.
Even Japanese people don't know the meaning but it sounds very Japanese,nostalgic and a little bit scary somehow.
That is the "TSU SHI MA MI RE" world. It's Japanese modern Mother Goose. It's unique, wired, funny,cute and scary.
It's the world of Fun Japanesque Rock as only Japanese Grrls can do. One of their song is about how "CAMABOCO (=fish dumplings) feels when they cooked as ODEN(a Japanese style hot-pot cooked at the table).@Their debut album title song "Pregrant Fantasy" is a sad dramatic fairy tale. It's a conversation between mother and her new born baby.
She is asking "Why I was born?"......

If the album title isn't enough to spark your interest and get a chuckle out of you, then surely between the elements of punk, avant garde, free jazz, ska, surf and funk, this Japanese all girl trio will hit some nerve in you. We just think it's an all-around, "good times' record. When you're in the mood for an adorable, spazzy little album, this one is classic, wonderful and entertaining as hell.
~ CD Baby~
TsuShiMaMiRe 2002 CD-R(3 songs)
"RYUKETSU MOHIKAN"" *US $11.00 (with shipping cost)

1. Mohikan / 2. Man Hole / 3. Kenketsu Song

TsuShiMaMiRe 2001 CD-R(3 songs)
*US $11.00 (with shipping cost)

1. American Hamburger / 2. Utsu byo / 3. Tea Time Ska

BENTEN Tokyo 1st release in USA/Canada
Artist: TsuShiMaMiRe
Label: BENTEN Tokyo (ACG Sub)
Catalog # BT-01
Release Date: November 1st 2005
Distributed by: NAIL/ALLEGRO

US $22
Including shipping cost and 5% PayPal handling Charge
Signed Poster
*US $17.00 (poster $10 + shipping $7 )
US $17.85
Including shipping cost and 5% PayPal handling Charge

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