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lolita no.18

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* Lolita No.18 photo and
the report in English
@ Bessie Hall in Sapporo
with Perkinsons

* Lolita No.18 Europe tour
photo report

Petty Booka & Lolita No.18
@ Harajuku Astro Hall
Ukulele John Lennon
CD release party

* 2002/4/27 Lolita No.18&

* Lolita No.18 THE LAST SHOW
with Masayo,Ena,Kim*Rin,Aya
2001/12/20 Nagoya,
12/21 Osaka,12/28 Tokyo
photo report by Audrey Kimura

* more Lolita No18 12/28 live
photo by Ryo Tamada
Lolita Retsuden (The history of Lolita No.18)
This is the story about the four piece girls band in Japan, Lolita No.18.
Costarring: Ishizaka Masayo(Vo.) Ena(G.) Kim*Rin(B.) Aya(Dr.)
Joey Ramone(ex:The Ramones) Olga (The Toy Dolls)
Audrey S. Kimura (BENTEN Label owner)

1994 June, join the ultimate V.A album of the Japanese girls
band"BENTEN BENTOH" (This is how it all started. The owner of BENTEN Label, Audrey Kimura couldn't hear well the name of the band Masayo was shouting during their show and wanted to know Lolita No. WHAT they were.) Lolita No.18 makes a comet-like appearance with their weird name, very very strong Japanese words, and their own way of music <LIVING ROOM PUNK/HARD CORE POP ROCK> (The form is quite old, e89. Became to the present member on September, '93.)

1995 February, after releasing the debut album gKARATE TEACHER h@from BENTEN Label they became active on events, radio, TV, magazines etc. The bands they performed with are wide. Shonen Knife, Nakano Shigeru, Endow Michiro, BENTENfs band of experience Lunatics, Meiwadennki, Tokyo Gyu Paradise Orchestra. They even went on a quiz program because of the fourfs unique character. Also a big happening on September, Ena (G.) had a motor bicycle accident.

1996 is the year Lolita No.18 started making a world wide rapid
progress. March, they went to the United States for the recording of their
2nd CD and to go on America's largest rock festival SXSW which wasn't well
known at the time in Japan. During the recording they became the talk of
their home town Austin (the place Lolita Mania got organized) and performed
lives on the spur of the moment, go on a few college radios, and the events
were packed full. Became popular that people ask for their autographs all over the town. Also a coupling single CD with DROOP (the same BENTEN Label band) was released all over Europe but, another happening occurred. Kim*Rin (B.) got hospitalized for illness, and then operation. Stop the band for five month and wait for Kim*Rinfs recovery, then do an event for their 2nd CD gNEISAN HADAKA BASHIRI (sister run naked)h at Shimokita Shelter which was postponed to October and make a great success. Ena who covers the CD artwork established the super guitarist status in the Indies' scene and on the other side she was an illustrator for magazines such as Original Confidence and INDIES MAGAZINE. As a new type of man of culture, The Nihon Keizai Shimbun even interviews her with her pal Snoopy.

1997 March, go to Texas again for recording and to go on SXSW,
get more popular in America. A worldwide company showed interest but first of all, they made a major debut by album gHIGE NINJA (bearded ninja)h and single gSALOONEh from the major label Sister Records that BENTEN Label and Nippon Crown started. September, does 21 lives all over Japan. October 12, take off for an unprecedented around the States tour. (7weeks, 43 lives) Happenings such as the van breakdown, robbery just before returning happened but didn't have any difficulty because of their inborn cheerful disposition and foolness. Instead they ran wild all over the States and broke new ground as a professional musician or an entertainer with a frog headgear and the key word-"Itfs our job. " December 3, even though their passports and airline tickets were stolen, came home living. Perform with KENZI & THE TRIPS at Shinjyuku LOFT, do a count down with Imawano Kiyoshiro.
1998 early in the new year appeared on the cover of INDIES MAGAZINE, go on the TV program gtonight 2h, go on TV as gThe Airwaves Guy [band ver.]h So on and so on. March 18 FINALLY!! Their documentary live video "AMERICA CHINDOCHU (On America Offbeat Trip)/HIGE NINJA US Tour 1997" got out.


*Lolita No.18 v.s. Joey Ramone -New York-*

1998 April 23 16:23. The NW018 flight carrying Lolita No.18 arrived at New York JFK International Airport. After finishing the entry formalities they headed straight for Manhattan. Of course, Lolita's stay was at the common place for artists, Chelsea Hotel. People putting on artists airs are gathering around the lobby 24hours. Masayo & Enazo broke the TV not to defeat. The next day, after getting into shape at Central Park by doing
their daily radio exercise, they all met Joey Ramone(who they admire a lot)
at the recording studio. BIG. Seen close up Joey is BIG! Estimated height:
more than 2m. Estimated age: unknown. Of course, all wearing black. The hair
stile is completely same as Nogiwa Yoko performing Tsukikage Sensei. Wearing sunglasses. Black scull T-shirt and a black jacket. Leather pants and at the foot is unexpectedly, a New Balance shoe! (We have been thought Ramones are wearing Converse!) The rupturing Lolita directly played the recording songs. Get many precious advice and in the end they played The Ramones number "ROCKAWAY BEACH" with Joey! From the next day, even though Joey's collaborated producer which is also an engineer Daniel insisted on better work, Lolita No.18 finished taking 13 songs in a few days. (Are they actually a genies? Audrey says that they are THE FOUR since The Beatles but is it true?) Since Lolita had some leeway, they went to Hi-Standard's live, Ronny Specter's live with Joey, the popular musical "Blue Man Group" and enjoyed New York full. Then they took photos with Joey and did shooting for "ROCKAWAY BEACH" Promotional Video. The stage was Baby Monster Studio and the downstairs apartment Lolita was living during the recording. The cameraman was Bob Gruen who is famous of taking New York's legendary music scene. Recording, snaps, PV, needless to say, they all came out to be a master piece of Lolita No.18's history.
--While Lolita was in New York, Enazo and a young comedian's wedding had been broadcast on TV and Japan was in a great uproar.........

*Visit New York again and "FUBO LOVE NY" on sale*

'98 July 15, Loita No.18 boarded an airplane again.The purpose of going to the States is LIVE! To go on the Intel Music Festival Joey Ramone presents
CYBERBASH '98 which is held on 7/17 in NY! But at that time the members
didn't know about an impending danger of Kim*Rin, and Aya's fateful
encounter. (To have more info refer the now on sale OREMORI-a magazine-
The NY live report is on the first page for six pages. ) The member came back in a hurry on June 22 and directly turn out to Shinjuku to do a fan club project called "Let's go buy "FUBO LOVE NY" with Lolita" on the on sale day. That reminds me, between the rehearsal of 7/5 Confrontation of The Century BENTEN v.s K.O.G.A. At on On Air East, Lolita No.18 held the first YALITAMIN Gathering! In spite of the short time, photography, Q&A, video show, it was full of Lolita. The next project is decided to be Lolita's rehearsal on view and a session tournament with the fan. (Now planning/probability to be realized 60%)

ôOWARA`NAI NATSU, KIMI GA KAWAA`TAôRHAPSODY IN BLUEô Ena Zou, Kim*Rin and Aya-Bou comes out on the stage dancing with the lilting SE! The place became in an uproar. "Ena-Zou congratulation on your marriage! (?)", "Hang in there, team d›ck lovers!" "Aya, touch my Turtle too!!" the member answer to the shouting and the jeering with a smile, what an entertainer! Rice shower, Snoopy, Doraemon goods flying though the air, The moment each parts noise came out Ishizaka Masayo suddenly come out from the stage right! "Fubo toro" then "Flying Kuro"!
As hot as the middle of summer on '98 September 1 Kanazawa, the FUBO
TOUR started. From Hokkaido to Kyushu 25 places though out Japan. Lolita
typhoon ran through Japan! Besides the live at the each places, pay respects
to the record shops, go on radios, TVs, a tremendous schedule. By the way,
when they went on Kyushu's popular TV show "Do mo!", there was a rush of
inquiries of was Lolita was cooking, a curry or a curry like miso soup or
what! (actually it was a Lolita Chanko Nabe-if you want a recipe please
include a stamped, self-addressed envelope and send it to BENTEN Label) When the tour approached to the meddle, is had completely changed to Autumn Ena missed her beloved and thought about him, Aya and Kim*Rin became having a big appetite and the Chanko which they were eating since Sapporo became larger. Masayo's hair has grown to her shoulder, and no one said "I thought the vocal was a boy" or "she looks like Chita" no more.
Started to north and went to Kyushu, the South, ever were was full and
was successful till Shelter-SOLD OUT- the finale.

In March 1999, Lolita No.18 has celebrated their 10 anniversary. Wow, 10 years has passed since Masayo started the band alone when she was a highschool student. Then they deceide to record its memorial album. It is all cover songs which they like or of the artist they admire. They choose 12 songs for that. WART HOG(The Ramones), BE MY BABY (The RONNETS), Vide Killed the Radio Star(Bagles), Nantte-tatte Idol(Kyoko Koizumi), LOVE LETTER(The Blue Harts), ONION FIELD (The Stalin) and RIDING ON THE ROCKET (Shonen Knife)etc. They Titled this album, YALITAMIN. This CD was released on March 18th with Lolita No.18 Secret History Photo book!
In July Lolita went to a small town called Hull in United Kingdom for a
month. Why UK? Because Olga from THE TOY DOLLS who is Masayo's punk hero produced this album! So, Lolita No.18's 6th album which was titled
"TOY DOLL" were released on 18th of November in1999.


A happy new millennium! Lolita No.18 is going to start TOY DOLL TOUR
2000 from February 10th to April 30th. Lolita is going to do a small
US Tour in middle of March. They are going to attend SXSW in Austin again. They are playing on March 17th Friday at Japan Nite. Then we are planning to go to New York, Chicago, LA, Sanfrancisco or Seattle. Also Lolita is going to do EUROPE TOUR!!

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