1. Please send us e-mail to make sure we have your order in stock.
   mailorder@sister.co.jp attn: Int'l mail order

2. I will soon check our stock  and total amount of your order price and
  shipping by return e-mail order comfirmation.

3. Please add your name and address and print out the return e-mail
  of your order comfirmation.
<Order sheet --Sample--->

> Hello Audrey!

> The order confirmed by your e-mail is the following:

> 1. the Karate Teacher CD------------------------$20
> 2. the Great Rock n Roll Festival album----------------$25
> 3. Petty Booka CD Singin'The Rain CD-----------------$20
> 4. the Benten Bentoh CD (BNTN-003)----------------$20

> 5. Lolita No. 18 Red Sleeve T-shirts Size Large--------$20

Plus(free sticker!)----------------------------$0
1st order present! (2001 Benten Sampler CD)----------$0

Total US$105.00

< address & NAME > ŠThis is very important!!!
Joey Thunders
12345  Baker street APT45
 New York   NEW YORK 
100025  U.S.A.
<e-mail>  punkrock@oi.or.np.

*Please write your name and address and your order list
and send us with your money.
*Please note lots of people did not write their address. Why is that?
3. Please send us  the print out and CASH or International Postal Money Order MP1
(we do NOT accept bank check or Bank mony order! because we are charged another $45 when we make it cash in Japan!!! Please add another US$45 to the total amout of your order for the bank's handling charge to make it cash, if you pay Travellers Check or  Bank Check and  Bank's Money Order)
**  I know this is illigal but most of the people sending me cash in side of a greeting card or something.**

Please don't send this GREEN Money order to us.
This Green one which says POSTAL MONEY ORDER is only available in USA.

Please make sure that it should be PINK INTERNATIONAL POSTALL MONEY ORDER you sent us.(I have received the USA only green money orders from several people in USA. I am going to back them to you, guys)

*SORRY WE DO NOT accept credit card.

**Please confirm that we have all your order in stock by e-mail ( mailorder@sister.co.jp)  before you send money.

Delivery by airmail small package with in 1-2 weeks after received the payment. (Usually 4-6days to deliverd from Japan to most of the cities in the world by Air mail)

how to pay
1.PAY to> BENTEN Label
   TOKYO, 150-0021 JAPAN
   (- please write just exactly same the above)

2.SEND to> BENTEN Label
   TOKYO, 150-0021 JAPAN

3.Please write your name and address and print out the
  return e-mail of your order comfirmation.

4.If it is your first order, you can have
  FREE "BENTEN SAMPLER CD 2001" Please add it on your order sheet.
We are looking forward to receiving your order.
Thank you,

Audrey Kimura/BENTEN Label

Please e-mail me if you have any question.    mailorder@sister.co.jp

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