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1. There is a city -New!
This music video was shooted when HOB were in Tokyo for the Wild Wacky Party in Sept.2001. They look so cool in a wacky wacky town Shinjyuku and their show at Shibuya Club Quattro.
(Camera and Edited by Fantasy)

2. WHAT IS NOW?@-Live at CD cafe on 6/23/02 -
from HOB latest live. This is the new song which will be in the 2nd album.
(Camera: Audrey Kimura)

This is the footage of the first show I saw HOB at Haoyun Bar on Nov.11th.2000. It was nice to see all those kids and punks in Beijing!
(Camera: Audrey Kimura Edited by:Izuru/Fantasy)

This is also the footage of my first trip to meet HOB.
You will see all the food I had with HOB during my 3 nights stay in Beijing. Lamb,Shrimp, Crab, Mahroom and Fruit everything I love. We eat a lot!! Check the big belly of Wang Yue and Yanfan! You also see Wang Yue's dog, Ding Ding here.
(Camera: Audrey Kimura Edited by:Izuru/Fantasy)

5.OoOo (2.6M)
This is again from my first trip in 2000! This is the all the way goint to the Wang Yue's house. Wang Yue and Shen Jing in a taxi and we went up to the stairs and to see Ding Ding!
Shen Jing is singing this song. The streets in Beijing has been changed a lot since then.
(Camera: Audrey Kimura Edited by:Izuru/Fantasy)