Lolita No.18
CD & DVD Special Package!
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Lolita No.18
18th Anniversary Live DVD + New album Akirameruka?

Lolita No.18 -AKIRAMERUKA?-

It's 20 years ago the lead singer Masayo formed the band when she was a high school girl...
It's been a life full of ups and downs. She has been asking herself "are you going to give up your dream?"
All these 12 songs are anthem of punk loving people who won't give up.

Lolita No.18
-I won't give up! -
New album with 12 songs
Release date: 2010/09/08
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1. Recording Violence
2. Saraba, Seisyun No Setsuna
3. OK People!!!!!
4. Your are the weapon
5. Daria
6. Blue
7. Kids! Can you hear this?
8. Shippai Shonen
9. Horyo Shyuyojo
10. Kokoro No Bouz
11. The Great Rock'N' Roll Sunshine
12, Last Song

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