Lolita No.18 BEST CD
on sale 12/21/2002
Title : BEST OF LOLITA No.18
US$ 25.00 (with shipping) lot # CRCS-1014
-NOT 20% OFF-

The complete history of the greatest girls punk band,
Lolita No.18 Original songs
from 1994 to present.

1. Saloon
2. Clash
3. Hot ni Kimechimare
4. Romantist II
5. Tami
6. Flying Kuro
7. Bobby Tank
8. Massachusetts
9. Butterfly
10.Punk de Go!!
12.Michael &Santjen
13.Non Harmony
14.Sub Captain
15.Hello Punk
18. My Life
19.Lolita Channel TV show
20. Alligator
21.A song for a girls can't stand it
22. Blue Cloud -new song-
23.Sada nagashi -new song-


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