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ペティブーカNEWS 日本語はこちら
* New Petty & Booka interview

Petty Booka "Girls Just wanna have fun" live video by Justin C Gordon
March 19th 2004 @ Cheapo in Austin

'04 Feb.4th update!

Petty Booka & Lolita No.18 @ Harajuku Astro Hall
Ukulele John Lennon CD release party
Petty Booka x'mas tour photo report
'04 Jan.13th update!

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Very Best of -Petty Booka - Let's Talk Dirty in Hawaiian (Weed Records 7911)

Petty Booka "Christmas Eveywhere" is
going to release in US on October 21st.
The front cover is Rockin' Jelly Bean Illustration
and also 2 extra songs in Japanese.
*with English liner notes.
*Label: WEED *Cat #: 7914 *UPC: 7-1428879142-9
*Street date: October 21, 2003
available from: City Hall Records, Revolver USA, AEC/Bassin, Carrot Top,Norwalk, Phantom, Super D, and other fine distributors and one-stops
*http://www.amazon.co.uk *http://shopping.lycos.de

-Petty Booka Live Photo Gallely-
*Petty Booka @ Ukulele Night in Osaka2003 8/23 (9/5up!)
*Petty Booka @ OSAKA NAMBA BEARS 7/21/2003 (7/25up!)
*Petty Booka US Tour 2003 photo gallery
*Petty Booka live @ Back in town 2003/5/9 Photo Gallely
*Petty Booka "We Love You, America Tour 2003"
PB in Austin /Photo by Audrey kimura

<= Announcement of Petty Booka SXSW 2003 appearance & US tour in March.
Introducing New Booka!

Booka had a baby boy on Nov.2nd.
His name is Linta.

Petty Booka

PETTY BOOKA First Album Release in The USA

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We're happy to announce that Weed Records will be putting out the first US Petty Booka release The Best of Petty Booka. 19 songs in the addition to the 17 best songs from their "from Hawaii" releases, it features two brand-new, exclusive tracks: "Let's Talk Dirty in Hawaiian" and "These Boots Are Made For Walking."

Album Title : Petty Booka - Let's Talk Dirty in Hawaiian
Label: Weed Records
Release date will be Feb.28th.

1. Ukulele Lady
2. Going Back to Okinawa
3. Cowboy Hula
4. Its Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yelow Polka Dot Bikini
5. Hang Down Your Head
6. The Tide is High
7. I Wanna Be Your Girlfriend
8. Let's Talk Dirty in Hawaiian
9. Dancing In The Street
10. Chotto Matte Kudasai
11. Sophisticated Hula
12. Whippin' Piccadilly
13. Pineapple Princess
14. We'll sing in The Sunshine
15. Puka Puka Punts
16. Baby It's you
17. Teacher's Pet
18. These Boots Are Made For Walking
19. Tiki Torches At Twilight

    Hi, Petty Booka is planning to have the US tour and also going to do the new album recording there.
    But as you know Booka just had a baby and she is not able to leave Linta in Japan. Of course Booka wants to go to US. We have been discussing this for last couple of months what we should do about this. Then we had new Booka.
    She is Maiko the lead singer og the Candy Eyeslugger.
    She is also a singer and Banjo player of The Apricots:(The apricots is a great all girl band: please check their web too)

    She is the best friend of Petty and Booka and they do recording and live together a lots and Maiko plays ukulele (she also plays Banjo) and she loves Petty Booka!

    Now all of us very happy that Maiko joined Petty Booka.

    Please don't worry, When she gets ready to come back Booka will sing again though she can't say when it is.
    Because she loves Linta so much at the moment!
    I understand it. He is soooo sute!

    So please welcome new Booka, Maiko.
    She is a great singer and our best friend.

  1. Petty Booka English web open!
  2. I saw Christpher Doyle (a film director and camerama)in Beijing in July!
    He said is still writing about Petty Booka story for his movie and he said that the project is now even bigger!! ?!!
You can see the result of a big success of Petty Booka US tour in March
* "The WORLD " on NPR:National public Radio- Petty Booka histry,interview,songs etc.
by Marco Werman: For our Global Hit today, we present two ukulele players from Tokyo.
*Petty booka SXSW/2002 by Steve Terrell
*Petty Booka Press promotion by Emily
*Audrey's Photo report

  • Petty Booka has joined to the first Western Swing Band in Japan,Hiroshi Asada His Muddy Greeves as vocal and chorus.
    This is Hiroshi Asada is Petty Bookas music producer.
    They had a show with Deke Dickerson on Oct.3rd. at Shibuya Crocodile.
    Please visit to see Photo movie of the band
  • Recorded a song with Kazuyuki Sekiguchi end ex sumo whrestler Konishiki for their single CD will be released on July 26th.